Fire Truck vs. Dragon

Fire Truck vs. DragonFriends Fire Truck and Dragon demonstrate what a good team they make at campfires, cookouts, birthday parties, and , but in unexpected and unimpressive ways.

I'm Brave!

I'm Brave!From the popular creators of I m Bad , I Stink , and I m Dirty comes the perfect new addition to this hilarious read aloud series the fire truck n nHe s a big red ENGINE nWith a siren, nA horn, nA tank full of water, nAnd a whole lotta HOSE n nHe s a good lookin fire truck, nAnd he s BRAVE, too nWhen th

Fire Trucks

Fire TrucksSimple text and supportive images introduce young readers to fire trucks Intended for students in kindergarten through third grade Level 1

A Fire Truck Named Red

A Fire Truck Named RedA young boy has his heart set on a brand new toy fire truck, so he is disappointed when he gets his grandfather s rusty old fire truck, Red, instead But working together, the boy and his grandfather patch Red right up while Grandpa tells his grandson all about the adventures he had with Red when he

Flash, the Little Fire Engine

Flash, the Little Fire EngineIt s Flash s first day on the job as a little fire engine and it s going to be a busy one But Flash is ready to jump into action and save the day The only problem is, every time Flash tries to pitch in, he is either too little or too late to help out What if no one needs him When a fire erupts i

Clifford The Firehouse Dog

Clifford The Firehouse DogReleased in time for Fire Prevention Week in October, Emily Elizabeth and Clifford pay a visit to Clifford s brother Nero, a fire rescue dog While learning about fire safety, Clifford unexpectedly helps out on a fire and rescues people from a burning building Full color illustrations.

If I Could Drive a Fire Truck! (Tonka)

If I Could Drive a Fire Truck! (Tonka)Gemma loves to play with her favorite toy fire truck while riding in the car to visit Grandma But when she wonders, What if I could drive a fire truck her imagination takes off, and exciting things happen This shaped 8x8 storybook shows children how fire trucks help brave firefighters do their jo

The Firefighters

The FirefightersChildren will want to grab their coats and boots and rush straight to this winsome firefighting tale full of sound words and bright illustrations Weee ooo Weee ooo Weee ooo Our fi re engines are fast and noisy just like the real ones From sounding the siren to speeding off in their fire engine

Fire Engines

Fire EnginesTold from a child s point of view, this book is all about that most fabulous of machines the fire engine.

Fire Trucks

Fire TrucksText and photographs introduce fire trucks and their parts such as flashing lights, sirens, hoses, and ladders.

Fire Trucks

Fire TrucksHow do you steer a fire truck Are all fire trucks alike Get the basics on these very important rescue machines

Fire Engines

Fire EnginesYoung readers will find everything they want to know in these informative books about a wide variety of machines.

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