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The Name of the Game (Greyhawk Adventures, #6) GreyhawkA Mysterious And Spellbinding Boardgame Has Conquered The Realm Of Perrenland The King Has Wagered His Throne And Lost, The Beautiful Princess Linnea Finds Herself Without A Royal Suitor, And The Minions Of Neighboring Tusman Are Poised For A Deadly Invasion.Into This Scenario Strays Our Hero, Mika, Shaman Of The Wolf Nomads, With His Magic Gemstone And Unpredictable Demon Hand.Mika Is Metamorphosed Into A Griffon And Finds Himself Acclaimed As A Prince Lost Behind Enemy Lines, Naked, And Deserted By His Bonded Wolf Companion, TamTur, Mika Must Overcome Hippogriffs, Stone Giants, And The Usual Assortment Of Trolls, Gnolls, Orcs, And Harpies, Plus An Entire Army Of Monsters, In Order To Save The Kingdom Not To Mention Himself.Rose Estes Is One Of The Authors Of The Classic ENDLESS QUEST Series Of Interactive Novels Published By TSR, Inc And The Author Of The Previous Best Selling GREYHAWK Adventures Of Mika, Shaman Of The Wolf Nomads.

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    A spellbinding boardgame has conquered the realm of Perrenland The king has wagered his throne and lost the minions of neighboring Tusman are poised for a deadly invasion Into this scenario str

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    Although the main character, Mika, is the same in this novel as in the preceding three in the series, this novel is a stand alone novel and really does not require reading of the previous ones to underst

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    Good fantasy story based on the DD world Written by the creator of DD Recommended

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