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Miss Marple's Final Cases and Two Other Stories Namanya saja kumpulan cerita, ada yg bagus dan biasa saja Dua cerita terakhir berbau mistis. They are all good, but I love Miss Marple the most Nove Casos, Nove Mist Rios Aparentemente F Ceis De Resolver O Caso Ins Lito De Um Homem Ferido Que Procura A Igreja Como Ref Gio A Enigm Tica Charada Que Um Velho Exc Ntrico Decide Deixar Como Heran A Uma Criada Cuja Extrema Efici Ncia Levanta Suspeitas Uma Sinistra Premoni O Que Muda O Rumo De V Rias Vidas E, Claro, Miss Marple, Que Para Estupefac O Geral Resolve Tudo Aparentemente Num Piscar De Olhos.Miss Marple Investiga Miss Marple S Final Cases Foi Originalmente Publicado Na Gr Bretanha Em 1979, Ano Em Que Seria Igualmente Editado Nos Estados Unidos. EXCERPT The Vicar s wife came around the corner of the vicarage with her arms full of chrysanthemums A good deal of rich garden soil was attached to her strong brogue shoes and a few fragments of earth were adhering to her nose, but of that fact she was perfectly unconscious Christened by her optimistic parents Diana, Mrs Harmon had become Bunch at an early age for somewhat obvious reasons and the name had stuck to her ever since Clutching the chrysanthemums, she made her way through the gate to the churchyard, and so to the church door The November air was mild and damp Clouds scudded across the sky with patches of blue here and there Inside, the church was dark and cold it was unheated except at service times Brrrrrh, said Bunch expressively I d better get on with this quickly I don t want to die of cold ABOUT THIS BOOK A collection of Miss Marple mysteries, plus some bonus short storiesFirst, the mystery man in the church with a bullet woundthen, the riddle of a dead man s buried treasurethe curious conduct oif a caretaker after a fatal riding accidentthe corpse and a tape measurethe girl framed for theftand the suspect accused of stabbing his wife with a dagger Six gripping cases with one thing in common the astonishing deductive powers of Miss Marple MY THOUGHTS Is there anything I could say about Christie s Miss Miss Marple s Final Cases is the first Agatha Christie that I have read and it s one that I happened across rather than chose to read Final Cases is a collection of six short Miss Marple stories along with two additional and somewhat eerie stories of the supernatural This collection was originally published in 1979 but the individual stories date variously from the 1930s to the 1950s Miss Marple is of course and enduringly delightful, charming, memorable and likeable literary creation and the stories are compelling, stylishly written, entertaining and satisfyingly complete in themselves When compared to the Conan Doyle created Sherlock Holmes short stories and novels the only other classic literary sleuth I am familiar with the likeable Miss Marple is almost the antithesis of the wonderful but equally dislikeable Sherlock Holmes The Miss Marple stories here do feel by comparison much lighter, less mysterious, less dark and ultimately, less thrilling than those concerning Sherlock Holmes Clear Book 14 of the Miss Marple Challenge This one is a set of short stories, six of the original final cases, an additional Miss Marple story Greenshaw s Folly and two non Marple stories, In A Glass Darkly and the Dressmaker s Doll The edition I have has only the original six but I dug out two others from other Christie short story collections that I have so it s sort of a cheat marking this one as read since I have missed Dressmaker s Doll.The last six of Miss Marple s cases were not restricted to murder alone Though the majority of the stories four of the six do involve murders, there is also a hidden treasure in fact than one and robbery in the other two which were as much fun as the murder stories and Miss Marple shows us that not all hidden treasures are hidden and not all the obvious suspects the actual murderers In these we find ourselves back in St Mary Mead as well as Chipping Cleghorn where a murder was announced with old friends, the Harmons Bunch, particularly , Jane Helier from theThirteen Problems , Doctor Haydock, Mrs Price Ridley, Raymond and Joan, and of course Tiglath Pileser though he makes only a brief appearance The story I most enjoyed in the collection was not a murder one to my own surprise but the Perfect Maid , which was such fun I remembered the solution from a previous read but wouldn t have guessed otherwise And one can t help but love Doctor Haydock for knowing just the right 2.5 but honestly, I couldn t make myself round it up to 3It was a snoozefest I kinda felt like pages were missing from my book I mean, short stories, okay, but damn.Let me show you what it felt like.Miss Christie There s a butler with a pink umbrella who has a tabby cat and smokes two cigarettes a day Who is the killer Me Me, 2 hours later Me 8..6 I was meant to read this as the final book in my Miss Marple Marathon in 2017, but somehow I never did So after a Christmas of numerous Poirots on tv, I thought I d finally finish my challenge, 13 months late And very enjoyable it was to.This book of short stories showcases both how clever an author Agatha Christie was and also how enjoyable Miss Marple stories are ok I know that was badly constructed sentence , to end with are.As I ve said before Miss Marple for me IS Joan Hickson, and so every time I read the words Miss Marple I see Joan Hickson in my head and somehow it makes the story even enjoyable as i imagine her eyes twinkling as she teases whichever policeman is trying to f Se cunosc cazuri c nd un om r nit mortal s a ridicat singur i a mers o bun bucat de drum ca i cum nimic nu s ar fi nt mplat, pentru ca dup cinci, zece minute s le ine instantaneu Me terii de odinioar erau foarte inventivi c nd trebuiau s conceap ascunz tori E ca i cum ai ascunde un secret nt

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