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Bedside Manner Nothing particularly new or surprising here, but two likeable leads make this entertaining enough for an afternoon s read 2.5 5, rounded up. Interesting story I like the Landry brothers. Bedside Manner is my first book by Kelsey Roberts Ms Roberts has delivered a well written book with fantastic, lovable characters Chance and Valerie s story is loaded with action, suspense, humor and spice This is a fairly short read, a great choice for those with limited time for reading I enjoyed reading Bedside Manner and look forward to readingfrom Kelsey Roberts in the future This is a complete book, not a cliff hanger.I read a print copy of this book. Beside Manner, by Kelsey Roberts is an entertaining Harlequin Intrigue romantic suspense It centers around Dr Chance Landry of Jasper, Montana Someone is framing this Landry brother for misdiagnosing and killing his patients Chance and his assistant, Valerie Greene, work together to clear his name and keep her out of danger It is easy to root for Chance and Valerie This was my first Kelsey Roberts book and I enjoyed it. HI 813 2.5 stars FramedSomeone was killing Dr Chance Landry s patientsand framing him for their murders Known for his love em and leave em approach to relationships, he d left a wake of angry women in his path, but would any of them seek such revengeFooledShe knew Chance was innocent, but Valerie Greene s interest in clearing her boss s name was than professional She d craved Chance s touch for months, though had never dared act on their mutual attraction Yet her foolish hope of catching this confirmed bachelor had made her the killer s next target FallenThe potential loss of his career was devastating, but Chance would not stand for anyone hurting Valerie Together they would eradicate the threat to both their livesand perhaps discover something even explosive

About the Author: Kelsey Roberts

Aka Rhonda PolleroRhonda Harding Pollero aka Kelsey Roberts is a sought after lecturer and workshop presenter as well as a muchrequestedmedia guest She has been featured in COSMOPOLITIANMagazine, The New York Times and The Washington Post, among others andmakes frequent appearances on both radio and television She founded TheWriters Workshop at Anne Arundel College in Maryland and was the leadinstructor in the areas of craft and genre writing courses for three years.She is considered an expert in why women read and write crime fiction aswell as an excellent authority on plotting and structuring the novel.

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