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This was a fun light read Darcy is tring to teach bingley and lizzy over hears conversations anyway this short story was fun to read and well worth reading. What a great PP variation This short story is worth every penny and of the.99 for the Kindle edition Readers get to enjoy this fun, light, and entertaining read with the fastidious Darcy and witty Lizzy I found myself laughing out loud several times while enjoying this delightful story Lizzy finds herself in a precarious position in the library when Darcy and Bingley enter The reader can only enjoy the comedy and wit Simonsen portrays in the scenes between the couple While I wish there was to this is short story as a PP lover, I find myself always wanting Darcy and Elizabeth , I am also grateful it is short that way I can pick it up and get a quick PP fix Those following the blog are well aware of the fact that I m a huge fan of Simonsen s writing She always comes up with new and creative ways to make us fall in love with Darcy and Elizabeth s story Having read many Regency novels that employ the use of fans by ladies of respectable status, I ve been curious about what all the motions of these fans meant It was really fascinating to have the rules of the fan interjected throughout the story as a plot device.Once Darcy and Elizabeth become friends , they get on a conversation about tombstone markers Elizabeth tells him that Mr Bennet enjoys walking through cemeteries looking for the most unique ones Reading the tombstone markers that Simonsen later told me actually exist were really funny, and they added a quirky humor to the story.Final thoughts Simonsen always leaves me wanting , and that s exactly how I felt upon completing The Language of the Fan.Kimberly Reflections of a Book Addict Originally Posted Cute fast read If you need a romance and or Jane Austen fix but don t want to get involved in a real book, this is perfect It would be helpful to have read Pride and Prejudice up to the part where Jane goes to Netherfield for lunch and gets sick This book picks up with Elisabeth staying at Netherfield tending to Jane The happy ending with Darcy comes after thier interaction during this time and there is not Charlotte s marriage and Lizzies visit, the visit to the lakes, Lydia s elopement , or anything else It is a cute fast booklet that can stand alone but does not replace the full story. While Jane Bennet Is Recuperating At Netherfield Park, Elizabeth And Mr Darcy Are Frequently Thrown Into Each Other S Company Despite Initial Resistance, The Pair Find That Their First Impressions Are Changing, Especially After Lizzy Overhears A Conversation Between Darcy And Charles Bingley Using The Language Of The Fan Darcy And Elizabeth The Language Of The Fan Is A Short Story Showing How Two People Come Together Through A Series Of Comical Miscues Short and charming.Now I have to use fan language all the time, it s awesome This is a quick read It gives us a glimpse into the competitive natures of Darcy and Elizabeth. Somewhat witty, but characters have little in common with the original There are some grammar and editing mistakes in the text cute.. A wonderful book where you learn what a fan can do for you And you get to see Darcy as a affable gentleman A good read if you like Mary Simonsen s books Darcy and Elizabeth

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I am the authors of several Pride Prejudice and Persuasion re imaginings I have also written a modern love story, The Second Date, Love Italian American Style, and three British mysteries, Three s A Crowd, A Killing in Kensington, A Death in Hampden, Dying to Write, and Murder by Moonlighting.I am a wife, mother, grandmother, volunteer, reader, writer, serious recycler.When I read for

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