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The Soldier's Wife A novel full of grand passion and intensity, The Soldier s Wife asks What would you do for your family , What should you do for a stranger , and What would you do for love As World War II draws closer and closer to Guernsey, Vivienne de la Mare knows that there will be sacrifices to be made Not just for herself, but for her two young daughters and for her mother in law, for whom she cares while her husband is away fighting What she does not expect is that she will fall in love with one of the enigmatic German soldiers who take up residence in the house next door to her home As their relationship intensifies, so do the pressures on Vivienne Food and resources grow scant, and the restrictions placed upon the residents of the island grow with each passing week Though Vivienne knows the perils of her love affair with Gunther, she believes that she can keep their relationship and her family safe But when she becomes aware of the full brutality of the Occupation, she must decide if she is willing to risk her personal happiness for the life of a strangerIncludes a reading group guide for book clubs

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    This book is simply beautiful Beautifully written and such admirable characters that left such an imprint on my soul Gorgeous story of love during WW2 Love this HIGHLY RECOMMEND

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    Loved it Something about books with an island setting always draw me in I ve become greatly intrigued with The Channel Islands in particular ever since reading The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society This book only served to reinforce that fascination.The Soldier s Wife had so much to say about human dignity and perseverance and the make do spirit and compassion and

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    This has to be one of my favourite books of the year so far I enjoyed how the author shunned typical historical fiction patterns and chose to set her story on the isle of Guernsey during world war two Historically, we are perhaps guilty of forgetting about the inhabitants of the small islands caught in the crossfire they were in no mans land and felt the brunt of much of the Occupa

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    2.5 stars, but I rounded up because I feel nice today Also as a sort of atonement for this bit that I just have to get off my chest PLEASE DO NOT EVER NAME YOUR ROMANTIC INTEREST GUNTHER I am a child of the 90s and 00s, when I hear Gunther, I think this If you live under a rock and have never seen an episode of the hit sitcom Friends, that is Gunther, the comically creepy coffee shop wo

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    Ever read The Summer of My German Soldier by Bette Greene It s about a Jewish teenager named Patty whose town in Arkansas is to house a German prisoner of war camp Despite the ill will and fears regarding the German nation, Patty befriends one of the young soldiers in the camp Her friendship with him is an escape from her hard home life and from loneliness but when their relationship is disc

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    This story of a woman s Vivienne De La Mare bravery and fortitude during the German occupation ofGuernsey during WWII a channel Island off the coast of England.Her husband Eugene was fighting for England in Germany.Her home was shared by her two daughters and her mother in law.She could have fled to England, but thought the boat already had too many people on board.The German officers take up res

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    I loved Potato Peel Society when I read it a few years ago, so when I saw that this novel was set on Guernsey during WWII I had to read it and I m glad that I did It is a richly written novel with a bitserious narrative than Potato I did not want the book to end and it was worth every page Well drawn characters, a believable plot and appealing setting description make this a memorable novel.

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    We all have such richness in us the lives we have lived, the people we have loved, all the things we have longed for Wherever we go, whatever happens, we carry this ruchness within us Whatever is done to us Whatever is taken from us We should always be grateful for every gift life gives us, and cherish what we have.When the island of Guernsey is taken over by German soldiers during WWII, Vivienne worries

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    I didn t love this book, ended up being an ok read Usually I feel quite a bit of emotions when I read about WWII but this one didn t provoke any for me I never became involved in the characters I felt so distanced from them that it was hard to care about what happened to them The writing was ok but there were hardly any actual conversations, all you got were little snippets And because of that you never really

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    This story definitely makes you think and question what would you do for your family Riveting story set in WWII.

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