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Return of the Aryans This book tells the epic story of the Aryans a gripping tale of kings and poets, seers and gods, battles and romance and the rise and fall of civilizations Vast and absorbing, the novel tells the stories of characters like the gentle god, Sindhu Putra, spreading his message of love the physician sage Dhanawantar and his wife, Dhanawantari and Nila who gave his name to the river Nile

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    Proof for the theory that Aryans have invaded India 5000 years ago has the same level of proof for this book s theory that they migrated away from India Exactly zero It is no extreme Hindu right fantasy book, but an excellent alternate history novel, at the very le

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    Return of the Aryans is one of those books that you really want to believe in but do not know whether you can believe or not This is a book by Bhagwan S Gidwani who became famous after his previous book The Sword of Tipu Sultan became a much celebrated TV series In this

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    Excellent it takes us to 5000 years B.C.

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