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Pet Project Hermione Overhears Something She Shouldn T Concerning Professor Snape And Decides That Maybe The House Elves Aren T The Only Ones In Need Of Protection.Words 338,788

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    Where Harry Potter is concerned, I m a slash shipper Generally But I m also a huge Snape fan So when I saw how clearly in character he was in this story, I put aside all my preconceived preferences and decided to give Pet Project a chance And I am ever so glad I did This was a deliciously slow burn oh so very, very slow and I loved it all thefor it The amount of angst was tolerable, thank Merlin Heaven kn

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    W a ciwie to 3 4 tego ficka jest naprawd wietn zabaw Cz owiek zwija si ze miechu, kibicuje jej przedsi wzi ciu i naprawd , naprawd zachwyca Severusem Jego charakterem Umys em Wszystkim A potem autorka nagle postanawia wszystko przyspieszy Troch za bardzo Jak...

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    Is it possible that what I consider one of my favorite books, is not in fact, an actual book I love this story So Much, and I find myself coming back to it again and again often times, neglecting all of my published to be conquests aside I ve thought about why I love this story so much, and I think it is because Caeria shows the characters in complex lights, and nobody is ever shown as pure good or as pure bad She does an am

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