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Pet Project Hermione Overhears Something She Shouldn T Concerning Professor Snape And Decides That Maybe The House Elves Aren T The Only Ones In Need Of ProtectionWords ,

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    Where Harry Potter is concerned, I m a slash shipper Generally But I m also a huge Snape fan So when I saw how clearly in character he was in this story, I put aside all my preconceived preferences and decided to give Pet Project a chance And I am ever so glad I did This was a deliciously slow burn oh so very, very slow and I loved it all thefor it The amount of angst was tolerable, thank Merlin Heaven kn

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    Is it possible that what I consider one of my favorite books, is not in fact, an actual book I love this story So Much, and I find myself coming back to it again and again often times, neglecting all of my published to be conquests aside I ve thought about why I love this story so much, and I think it is because Caeria shows the characters in complex lights, and nobody is ever shown as pure good or as pure bad She

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    W a ciwie to 3 4 tego ficka jest naprawd wietn zabaw Cz owiek zwija si ze miechu, kibicuje jej przedsi wzi ciu i naprawd , naprawd zachwyca Severusem Jego charakterem Umys em Wszystkim A potem autorka nagle postanawia wszystko przyspieszy Troch za bardzo Jak dla mnie rozw j relacji mi dzy bohaterami pod koniec m g by by troszeczk wolniejszy Ale to ja Wy mienicie si bawi am przy lekturze i na pewno jeszcze nie raz do niej wr

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    This story has set the bar for me incredibly high.Even though it s incredibly long I find myself rereading it again and again I simply fell in love with how well the characters are written.The plot and all the subplots are very interesting But the thing that made me fall in love with it was all the interactions between the main characters While in some stories the love feels rushed or happens instantaneously which makes you think of a

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    Probably the most well thoughtout fanfic I ve ever read with a plot that always leaves you wantingThe characters were themselves they didn t lose their essence I can only imagine how hard it must be to make someone like Snape appear likable and how hard it must be to make him have a friendship with any of the other characters in the books, especially the students, without making it feel unnatural and yet the author did it perfectly Snape is the

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    I am not a Snape Hermione fan, but this story is my exception Brilliantly and slowly paced, this story lets all our characters remain in character and develop to the point that a romantic relationship between Snape and Hermione actually becomes believable and enjoyable to read The story is hilarious, clever, heartbreaking, and a truly engaging read The first few chapters are a bit slow, but once you get past them, it gets really, really good Overall, it

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    What a ride One of the best stories I have ever had the pleasure to read.

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