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The Very Best of the Common Man The Very Best Of The Common Man is a tribute to one of India s best loved cartoonists, R K Laxman It presents a collection of some of Laxman s cartoons based on The Common Man, a character that appeared in Laxman s daily cartoon strip titled You Said It for the Times of India publicationThe Common Man, an average man representing the hopes and fears of the masses in India, remains one of the best characters in the history of Indian cartooning and illustration He is depicted as a silent witness to all the socio political happenings that are presented in the cartoonsThrough the Common Man cartoons, Laxman explores every aspect of living in contemporary India From political instability to economic crises, from the deeply entrenched corruption to the woes of householders, Laxman portrays exactly what it means to live and experience the real IndiaThe book presents some of the best cartoons featuring The Common Man in all his mute gloryThis edition of The Very Best Of The Common Man was published inby Penguin India

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    I never had the privilege of reading the daily political cartoons of the excellent R K Laxman when I was a kid, simply because my family never subscribed to Times of India newspaper which published Laxman s cartoons, and that delayed my introduction to

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    Offhand I can think of few brothers as extraordinarily successful in their fields, and certainly as widely admired, as RK Narayan and his younger sibling RK Laxman.Perhaps the Attenboroughs come close, David and Richard Or in earlier times, Lawrence and Geral

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    Politics Said to be the second oldest profession in the world, bearing a close resemblance to the first, politics has always been subjected to searing scrutiny and bitter ridicule Especially in a highly populated country like India, politicians have been offering a

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    I picked up this book in Delhi airport to kill time and completed it in one hour This is a selection of great works of noted political cartoonists politoonists Late R.K.Laxman.I must confess I am a fan of his work and his cartoons were the first thing I read in the Times

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    this was my first read of a cartoonist s book it was a wonderful experience the cartoons were so specific and natural that it strikes a chord with the reader the cartoons were based on the common problems we face living in a developing country like India this was beautifully c

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    The best cartoonist of our country, best of his work and then this comes, the very best of the best cartoonist How can one rate it less than the best of the rating Pure humor, amazing creativity and wonderful satire Need one have to say

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    An interesting book of the best cartoons by R.K.Laxman for the everyday newspaper They make fun of various things that happens in politics, the economy, etc and at the same time make you think about what is wrong with them.

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    its laxman its cartoon it cannot be anything else but pure art n humor a collectible

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    The evergreen classic Laxman The beauty of his work is that he can bring out the complexities and the satire in our everyday life so vividly by use of a single picture A great artist and a political commentator His work from even 50 years back is still relevant fresh in today s India Loved it The eve

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    Dates on which the cartoons were originally Published, if provided would have made reading experience much better.

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