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Available in English for the first time, The Silence and the Roar is a funny, sexy, dystopian novel about the struggle of an individual over tyranny The Silence and the Roar follows a day in the life of Fathi Sheen, an author banned from publishing because he refuses to write propaganda for the ruling government The entire populace has mobilized to celebrate the twenty year anniversary of the reigning despot in this unnamed Middle eastern country The heat is oppressive and loudspeakers blare as an endless parade takes over the streets Desperate to get away from the noise and the zombie like masses, Fathi leaves his house to visit his mother and his girlfriend, but en route stops to help a student who is being beaten by the police Fathi s iD papers are confiscated and he is told to report to the police station before night falls When Fathi turns himself in, he is led from one department to another in an ever widening bureaucratic labyrinth His only weapon against the irrationality of the government employees is his sense of irony Tinged with a Kafkaesque sense of the absurd, The Silence and the Roar explores what it means to be truly free in mind and body The Silence and the Roar

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    A 1984 ish political allegory by a Syrian author We re in a dystopian society in the Middle East where The Leader, always capitalized, has created a society that not only worships him but exists to worship him His picture and quotations from his speeches and poetry are everywhere Government offices are literally wall paper

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    A sobering allegory about the place of the individual artist in a repressive regime, drawing on the literary traditions of surrealism and absurdism The entire novel takes place within 24 hours one stiflingly hot Sunday Our irascible narrator is Fathi Sheen, a writer who was fired when he refused to shoehorn party publicity in

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    published in its original arabic some seven years before the syrian civil war began in 2011, the silence and the roar al samt wal sakhabis the first work of the exiled aleppo born novelist and screenwriter to appear in english nihad sirees left syria in january of 2012 after being watched and followed by syrian security services

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    I am silent after reading this book Nihad Sirees wrote an afterword in 2012 decrying the violence that had broken out in his native Syria He himself went into exile the same year There is another kind of roar that this author never thought would ever be capable of using the roar of artillery, tanks and fighter jets that have alread

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    This largely plotless, parable esque little novel is worth reading it s an effective evocation of a world that sounds like a dystopian satire until you set it alongside dispatches from Syria, when it suddenly starts to seembrightly optimistic than reality But while the narrator s voice is compelling and the sense of stifling heat, noi

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    Liked the story Through narrative, the writer disguises characters fear of retribution for individual thinking and for not joining mass rallies out in support for the unnamed Leader Another disguise of fear is the main character Fathi s laughter and love, along with his mother Ratiba s and his lover Lama s The grandiosity of the politica

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    As with many of the reviews which I am writing of late, I chose to include Nihad Sirees The Silence and the Roar on my Around the World in 80 Books challenge list The novel, which is written by an exiled Syrian author, is set in an unnamed dictatorship, which resembles that of Syria The lovely as ever Pushkin Press edition which I purchased

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    In the afterword of this book, Nihad Sirees, asks Is it possible for the silence and the roar to co exist Going on to state that The answer is most certainly yes, that in countries ruled by people obsessed with supremacy, authoritarians and those who are crazed by power, the ruler or leader imposes silence upon all those who dare to think outs

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    This well written novel by Syrian author Nihad Sirees conveys what life is like in a country ruled an oppressive totalitarian regime His storytelling is compelling, as the reader follows a day in the life of a writer, who clearly has a lot in common with the author , who has been banned by the government for his critical writing Sirees has writte

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    I would have given this book a 4 or 5 star rating, as the story was enthralling, inportant, and moving and the characters were so real and captivating, however there was too much sexuality for my personal liking, hence 3 stars I get that the sexuality was an important componant and and that the whole point was that Fathi was fighting the roar of a d

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