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Beyond The Last Blue Mountain: A Life Of J. R. D. Tata This is the biography of JRD Tata, the patriarch of the biggest industrial house in India, comparable in stature to Forbes, Rockefeller or Du Pont He pioneered aviation in India, and presided over the development of the country s steel, cement, truck and vegetable oils industry

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    on Jamsetji He was decades ahead of his time Alfred Solan What is good for General Motors is good for America J R D Tata What is good for India is good for Tatas Today s p on Jamsetji He was decades ahead of his time miles ahead of his competitors Jamnalal Bajaj on R.D Tata If all businessme

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    I was always fascinated by this gentleman Mr JRD Tata whenever my father used to tell stories about him when I was in my teens I wanted to read and knowabout him Picked up this book Beyond the last blue mountain by R.M Lala It was an amazing read about this great man This book tells about his

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    This book was an insightful read, into the journey of JRD Tata and his wonderful multi dimensional life, spanning defining decades of 20th century India To put things in perspective, he was the first commercial air pilot of India, had his schooling done in Paris, Yokohama and India, and was ch

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    Does this man need any review No This book gives all the info one needs to know.

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    Rating 4.5 out of 5 Terrific read overall My rating, however, is prejudiced by the fact that I admire the Tatas and this book gave mereasons to feel that way The book is full of lovely anecdotes and is tight in its overarching analysis of the key components of JRD s life What makes it evenenjoya

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    An easy read. An insight into the life and times of one of the greatest industrialists is India. Filled with interesting anecdotes and inspiring incidents, it s a breeze to go thru..However, it completely steers clear of any controversial or grey aspects of JRD s personality. Which is a shortcomi

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    Super Man and super book A must read to know about the greatest Indian Company.

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    It is a magic that revolves around the main character of this book.Some books are famous because of the prose and language artistry that the author has been able to impart in to the strokes of pen.And some books become famous because of the story that the writer weaves around the character or the o

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    Excellent book to read This book not only encapsulates the zestful, effervescent life of JRD but also goes on to illustrate the wide ranging contributions of JRD and the Tata group to India One gets to experience a slice of history years after Independence especially in the areas of industrial and p

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    Gives a very detailed account of JRD s life, which also seems to reflect the workings of TATA as a company The chapters do not fall in chronological order but rather dealt as major events in his life The book also reflects the how things are done during the 50 s, 60 s and 70 s of India Detailed summa

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