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On Balance, an Autobiography The first woman chief justice of a high court in India, the first woman to top the bar examinations in Londonyears old Leila Seth has led a full life With candour and wit, she tells of her taking up law studies because this could be combined with caring for her husband and son, Intertwining family life with professional, the author describes the years after her father s premature death It is an intricate, amusing and charming rendering of her life

About the Author: Leila Seth

Born in Lucknow to an engineer of the railways in British India, Leila Seth joined the Bar in 1959 She was the first woman to top the London Bar exams in 1958 She handled a large number of Tax matters Income Tax, Sales Tax, Excise and Customs , Civil, Company and Criminal cases as also Matrimonial suits and writ petitions In 1978, she was appointed as the first woman judge on the Delhi High Court In 1991, she was appointed the Chief Justice of Himachal Pradesh and was thus the first woman to become Chief Justice of a state High Court in India Justice Seth also served on the Law Commission of India till 2000 and was responsible for the amendments to the Hindu Succession Act which gave equal rights to daughters in joint family property She is the mother of author Vikram Seth Her autobiography On Balance was published in 2003 She has also written a book on the Constitution of India for children.

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    A very appropriately titled autobiography of Leila Seth The word Balance is key to her life it defines her life and the choices she made For instance, how many people can say or will be able to say in the future I have lived a happy married life for over sixty years In addition, I can safely say that this balance characterizes how she has used the language and structured this book.In ge

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    Some books march uninvited into the room tooting their own horn They bellow loudly and rhetorically about their greatness while all you are trying to do is enjoy a horrendously sappy Hindi movie or search for that lost bookmark that you had stolen from a friend In between the sounds of loud cymbal clashing, the book will boast that the New York Times called it a real tour de force or a pr

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    When I told my Mum that anyone who does not read this book would be a fool of first waters, her first question was,How is it even possible for a biography to be that goodYes,often, it is not possible for a biography to be that good In fact, I am not a fan of the genre at all but maybe, there is something about the Seths that makes them the best biographers memoir writers in the world Maybe

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    This brilliant autobiography fully deserves all the praise it s got Leila Seth s claim to fame is being the first woman Chief Justice of an Indian state Himachal Pradesh She topped her Bar exams at London she was the fist woman to do that, too Here s a small vignette from the book Leila had just been appointed a Judge in the Delhi High Court she was their first woman judge There was a lot of

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    Some women blaze the trail for the future generations.Leila Seth s life has been a true inspiration and she serves as the finest example of a woman who made her mark in history despite all odds.A truly delightful read.

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    It is perhaps as difficult to write a good life as to live one Lytton Strachey The first female chief justice of a high court in India The first woman to top the bar exams in London These are not the achievements of Leila Setha but are only placeholders for a full life, rich with trials and celebration from both family and the legal profession As an autobiography,On Balance , is true to its name

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    This book is a treat not only for law students but for aspiring, ambitious women of our nation Ex Chief Justice Leila Seth has been an Outlier all her life from being the first woman topper in law from Oxford way back in 1952, the first woman Judge of the Delhi High Court to being the first woman Chief Justice of a High Court in India She has even openly acknowledged the bisexual orientation of her

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here This book is not about Vikram Seth or his homosexuality If you want to knowabout that, it s not in this book This autobiography is about Leila Seth s life Her family, her career, her marriage , 73 years of her lifetime The book is written in easy, clear prose and you learn of this elegant woman, her sensibilities, her mor

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    I don t know how correct or logical it is to review or rate an autobiography In any case, I make no attempt to do so On Balance has been a wonderful read equal parts witty, amusing and honest Though if I have to point out one thing, it would be the book s frequent and unnecessary, if I may nonlinear narratives disrupting an otherwise chronological organization of events.Oh, and if you re reading this,

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here s a student of Political Science, I bought On Balance An Autobiography by Leila Seth out of curiosity to knowabout Indian Judiciary I was fascinated by Late Justice Leila Seth being the First woman Chief Justice of the Delhi High Court, Being a mother to three wonderfully accomplished children Vikram Seth a renowned author, S

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