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Girl of Nightmares Han Pasado Meses Desde Que El Fantasma De Anna Korlov Desapareci Tras Una Puerta Que Conduc A Al Infierno, Pero El Joven Cazador De Fantasmas Cassio Lowood No Puede Olvidarla Para L Ninguna De Las Chicas Vivas Que Lo Rodean Puede Compararse Con Anna.Adem S, Como Si Tratara De Buscar Su Ayuda, Anna Se Le Aparece Continuamente, A Veces En Sue Os, A Veces Cuando Est Despierto Cas Siente Que Algo No Va Bien Cada Vez Que La Ve, Ella Est M S Desgarrada Y TorturadaNadie Sabe Qu Le Ocurri A Anna Cuando Desapareci Tras Aquella Puerta, Cuando Se Adentr En El Infierno Para Salvar La Vida De Cassio Y Cas No Descansar Hasta Averiguarlo Ha Llegado El Momento De Que Ahora Sea L Quien Salve A Anna.

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    It s probably going to be blood, Thomas says in a regretful tone that doesn t match the devious excitement in his eyes It s almost always about blood If your dead, ghostly girlfriend sacrificed herself for you, you d hope she d at least finally be at peace, right But it turns out poor Anna is still a lost, unmoored soul, and Cas Lowood is still haunted by her face everywhere he goes In this sequel to Anna Dressed in Blood, which was one of my favorite books from 2011, Cas must find

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    Dear Kendare,In the words of my awesome co blogger, Kat You saucy, saucy minx.You knew exactly what you were doing here, didn t you I d bitched, moaned, and complained about Anna Dressed in Blood I gave it 2.5 stars I asked for You read my mind And you fucking gave it to me.If anyone were to ask me why I continue on with series that didn t exactly impress me with book one, I d have to direct them to Girl of Nightmares.You get no complaints from me this time, Blake This was br

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    The following book has been found in an abandoned, run down house along with a body, a pen, and a worn and tattered copy of Girl of Nightmares The walls have many words and phrases written in blood It s contents provide the only clues to theevents that led to the the death of a person and an increasing string of disturbances in the area.It reads as such This is a journal of my reading expedition I have traveled to this remote locale so that I may read Girl of Nightmares by Kendare Blake in solitude Rumo

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    the problem is me.i loved anna dressed in blood loved it i thought it was clever and spooky and funny with interesting characters and great action sequences i thought it was beautiful and sad and striking.i waited for this sequel with crazed anticipation and then i saw it at ALA and i thought it was too good to be true and there were only two copies, and it was one of those gray area situations where i wasn t sure if it was for the taking or not, so i froze and i hemmed and hawed and finally caris roll

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    This is one example of a book I would read for the cover alone Heck, slap this cover on a 9000 page Spanish history book, and I will read it ALL Even though I don t know Spanish Luckily, what s inside this cover is just as incredible as the outside and will leave you equally spellbound It was clear from the beginning that Anna was not going to be as big a character as in the first novel I was a bit disappointed at first because Anna is fabulous and crazy, but I can assure you that her absence is filled so formidabl

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    She crossed over death to call me I crossed through Hell to find her.This book wasn t quite as good as Anna Dressed in Blood, but still, it was a great read and a great conclusion to this duology.I ve got to say it again, my favorite thing about this series are the characters I loved every single one of the main characters even though Cas did sometimes annoy me over his obsession with saving Anna But I especially loved chemistry between Cas, Carmel and Thomas They really were great friends and they were al

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    2.5 stars I absolutely LOVED the first book because I thought Blake did an incredible job writing a morbidly twisted yet hauntingly beautiful masterpiece But before I read this one, a friend had asked me, How much would you like Anna without the scary scenes Just Cas doing stuff with Thomas and Carmel Apparently, not so much because this book just didn t do it for me, and except for the totally awesome end in the last four chapters, I spent a lot of time either being pissed off or bored In a way, I m hating that Blake even wro

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    It took me three years to finish this book So please, how would you rate a book you ve been reading three years I seriously don t know.The beginning was hell on earth Someone else had to write it So, it was boring They were talking for ages Then we got Jestine and I hope it s gonna be fun again But they were talkingThen I finally some action pops up like the Suicide forest which was brilliant Then they were talking again Then they finally went to hell which was great _ And I don t even know how I feel about t

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    Puh, I don t even know where to start To write this review is kind of hard because I actually liked The Girl of Nightmares but at the same time somehow wasn t really captivated by it I don t even know what it is, maybe I just read too many awesome YA books to be enthralled by a story like that lol Maybe it s just me Who knows Well anway I just try to write down my thoughts and see which kind of rating I will give XDFirst of all I have to say that I really dug the idea of Anna and Cas meeting again and I think that s the main reason why I

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