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Unreal Elections At The Risk Of Offending You A Little, India S Funniest Bloggers Would Like To Hold Forth On Why Narendra Modi S Favourite Movie Is The Lion KingWhat Happens To Arnab Goswami S Milkman When He Tries To Cheat HimHow Sonia G Reshuffles Her Cabinet With A Little Help From Britney SpearsWhy Kejriwal Can T Get Rid Of His Shawl In The Delhi SummerWhat Fills Manmohan Singh With RageWhy Ravi Shastri Must Moderate The Prime Ministerial Debate And What All Of This Has To Do With The Most Unreal Elections Of The Summer Of

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    when i started reading this book, i didnt quite take it seriously i thought of itlike a funny pass time book , but my snobbishness got a badgering as i leafed through the pages this is a well written satire with layered nuances, which can be understood only those who keenly follows Indian politics the analogies made me glee all through th

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    In an extremely charged political season, Unreal Elections by C.S Krishna and Karthik Laxman offers a very candid view of party influences on the head of a government or of coal allocations At 296 pages, I found the book a little stretched at times but still an engaging read It largely works as a no holds barred fictional yet satirical account of h

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    A funny read taking potshots at all major political parties of India, especially the Congress The writers give their own hilarious version of the inside working of the political parties Some parts of the book, like the cabinet shuffle and the omission of Manmohan Singh, were simply awesome Even the inner party fighting of the BJP and the confusion among the

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    As soon as I saw a book being published by the Unrealtimes, I knew I can t give it a miss Wanted to enjoy every page of it and savour the moment while reading it I did enjoy it However, being a regular reader of the unrealtimes, I found this bookof a compilation of old and new, similar jokes It feels like all those jokes have been taken and finely woven into a story T

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    Joking is our national pastime and there is no limit to it This book made me recollect all the jokes that my friends and I have shared about everyone around us Funny, dumb and sometimes very profound The person at the receiving end may be deaf to comments, otherwise he will end up having sleepless nights filled with self doubt More than about Indian elections, or the candidates

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    Excellent these guys have penned a most masterly satire that lays bare Indian politics at its most ridiculous, along with potshots at the mass media, cricket and showbiz Every discerning Indian needs to read this

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    One of the funniest books I have read in recent times.

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    Unreal Elections is a satire on Indian politics set before the run up to 2014 general elections Being a regular reader of Unreal Times, I kind of knew what to expect from this book It was a funny read taking potshots at major political parties Some parts of the book were hilarious especially cabinet shuffling, confusion in BJP, third front meeting made me laugh out loud Ending was amazing I liked how the au

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    I must admit that i had never heard on UNREAL TIMES before the book.I picked up this book because i was following the elections on TV, paper everywhere and this book promised to provide comic angle to the elections.The book is good in pieces, some places you really feel like laughing and at others you feel WHYThe personalities given to the politician and pretty imaginative.The Facebook chats in between did not entice

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    This is the first satire book I ve ever read and what an exciting one it has been Satire Real events in Indian politics Total entertainment Thoroughly enjoyed Revenge of Pranab Da and Manmohan was just awesome Super human Rahul baba and dark secrets of Modi Congress syndicate, the fourth estate doing away with 2002 They had it all in book.At times it seems overdose of satire dragging a bit too far, but right in the next page I

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