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The Captive A Boring Night On Third Shift Becomes Infinitely Interesting When Cody Runs Into Tony, A Man He Met At Jake S BDSM Club Only A Couple Of Weeks Before Jake Had Said The Man Was His Cousin, But Cody Learns Tony Had Actually Been Jake S Sub For Over Three Years Already Jealous Over What He Thought Was Jake S Interest In The Man, Cody Is Devastated By The Idea His Handsome Dom May Have Lied To Him Or Worse Yet, That Jake Could Be Cheating On Him, Seriously Jeopardizing The Trust So Essential To A D S Relationship Cody Runs, Driving Aimlessly Until He Finds A Motel Where He Can Crash, Lick His Wounds And Try To Figure Out What To Do Jake Goes After Him, Using A Tracking Device On Cody S Phone And Realizes He Has Only One Chance To Save The Love Between Them He Has To Make It Good Or Risk Losing His Lover And His Sub Forever AUTHOR S NOTE I Wondered What Would Happen If Two People Who Had Been Best Friends Discovered They Were In Love, But One Of Them Was A Dom What Would That Journey Look Like Would They Be Able To Make It As A Couple This Series Chronicles That Journey, With Both Cody And Jake Having To Find Their Way I Decided To Serialize Their Story To Show The Slow Progression Of A Complicated Relationship This Relationship Happens To Be A D S Coupling, But I Think Any New Love Story Has Potential Pitfalls And Requires A Lot Of Give And Take

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    3.5 starsBest entry so far The sex fairly burned though I did have a moment of doubt about it being questionable consent until I remembered it s fiction and I m enjoying it and I have enough pyschobabble chucked at me that I m going to let this slide by my radar mostly unremarked

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    Nowthis I liked I don t regret grabbing this.

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    You are never too old for a quickie and this book proves it Great for a lunchtime read, not so good for trying to concentrate on work afterwards lol Rumour has it, that the author may be considering ending this series, please don t, my lunchtimes won t be the same but I m sure that my work would ben

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    I enjoyed this chapter in the story.We are two weeks on from the last chapter that ended with Cody and Jake addressing the issue of Cody s insecurities associated with being a good sub for Jake and that neither is perfect, yet perfect for each other sigh Hey, go reread my profile, I told you I was a sappy rom

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    I love the Key Holder series by author Shannon West These books should be read in order But I didn t and I found I wasn t lost The Captive has Cody and Jake finding their footing in their relationship.When Cody finds out Jake lied to him Cody runs But Jake will not give up that easily I will say I thought Cody s runnin

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    This is where the fun stops for me This one should come with a warning What happens in this part of the series is at the very minimum dub con in my book I did not like that view spoiler Cody is heartbroken and Jake things tracking his phone, jumping him, tying him up with a plug and a gag without speaking two sentences first is

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    Is an omission still a lie That s what this boils down to.Can you trust your Dominant if you find he s not been completely truthful with you Will you safeword on your relationship And what about your Dom Will he accept your decision The interplay between these characters is fascinating There is no easy answer, much as with real life, it s

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    3.5 stars For a shorty this was really very good with lots of emotion The Dom Sub dynamic always intrigues me with how many different aspects affect the relationship In this case it was a matter of trust, when the sub felt he couldn t trust his dom to tell him the truth It all worded out in the end Good story.

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    The CaptiveI liked this book I love how Shannon takes Jake and Cody through step by step in a dom and sub relationship and the mistakes that are bound to happen Their love for each other grows stronger as their relationship progresses I can not wait for the next book in this series Erin

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    Love these twoThere is something about Cody and Jake that makes me want to read them over and over I love how hard Jake is fighting Cody acts very irrationally and Jake has to keep reeling him in I really can t wait to see how this ends What else will they have to go through I m eagerly awaiting the next installment.

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