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Surviving Shane: Complete Collection: (Dark Erotic Romance) Shane Is A Dangerous Man He Gets What He Wants, And He Wants Mia As The Daughter Of A Russian Mafia Underboss, She S Had Enough Experience With The Criminal Element To Know She Wants No Part Of It Too Bad For Mia That Shane Refuses To Take No For An Answer This Is The Complete Collection Of The Serial Surviving Shane, Plus The Bonus Volume Story Of Shane S Sister Taken By The Mobster Shares Plot Elements With And Enhances Surviving Shane Save % By Purchasing The Bundled Set Content Includes Explicit Sexual Content And Violence That May Disturb Readers Who Are Sensitive To Such Topics

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    Mia a daughter of a mafia boss who makes a deal with Shane who is another Mafia boss who owns Mia due to something her father did now she must either trust him or go back to her family whom her step brother Aldo wants her but she wants nothing to do with him or her family but can she tell Shane the truth or go to her family to find this andout buy and pre order the book onand readby this author

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here I like a H that is OTT possessive and obsessive of his woman What I don t like is a H who rapes the h, punches and beats her, and curses at her This is what I got in this book The h is abused throughout the book by the H and other men She is raped brutally by the H and her stepbrother also rapes her anally She is beaten

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About the Author: Raurie Saxon

Raurie Saxon is the pen name for an established author who normally writes in a different subgenre of romance Dark erotic romance is new to her, so she wanted to start fresh along with her readers.

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