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Talking About My Baby Mills Boon Blush series brings you moving, true to life romances The Midwives This baby is hers One night in Texas, midwife Tara Marcus finds a newborn baby abandoned in her car A baby she desperately wants to keep She takes the baby to her hometown in Colorado, hoping to adopt her But adoption requires money And it requires a better situation than Tara can offer A husband, a home She needs a strategy, and the best one she can think of is marriage Dr Isaac McCrea, a newcomer to town, happens to be a widower with three kids Surely he needs a wife So what if he s a doctor not exactly Tara s favourite species So what if she falls in love with him despite her outrageous proposal None of that matters Only her baby matters Her baby and his children

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About the Author: Margot Early

Master storyteller Margot Early has known from a very young age that she was born into her vocation Storytelling has been part of her life since she was a child whether plotting Nancy Drew cases in the basement of Palo Alto, California s historic Squire House, pretending to live in trees while climbing them or tapping the keys of an ancient manual typewriter, writing stories to share with friends.One of her most vivid and joyful childhood memories is when she realized she could read and interrupted a bridge party to display her knowledge A writer from the age of nine or ten, she has always had an audience her friends, sisters and parents listening to what she wrote.A friend and fellow journalist once told her that she was a circle perfect The very full circle of Margot Early s life has included some tough times, which she knows have made her a better andinsightful writer.Early, who owns neither a car nor a television, believes her greatest wealth is her friends and she s glad to count many relatives among them Living in a town of four hundred, high in Colorado s San Juan Mountains, she enjoys the outdoors, dancing, spinning dog hair and spending time with her pets, which include German shepherds, snakes and tarantulas.

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