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Symbols of Our Celto-Saxon Heritage The clearly serves to rightly dividing The Word of GOD in searching for answers in our my heritage One of the BEST books ever written on the subject matter by Mr W H Bennett This book needs to be in every household that loves and understands in reading The Bible Now Well Into Its Third Printing, This Classic Work Is Literally Full Of Beautiful, Original Color Artwork On Nearly Every Page, Showing That The Emblems Of The Twelve Tribes Of Israel Are Now Found In The Heraldry Of Western Nations Each Of The Twelve Tribes Of Israel Is Comprehensively Covered Highly Recommended Chapter Titles Include The Purpose Of Heraldic Emblems, The Servant Race And Nation, The Twelve Tribes Of Israel And Their Emblems, The Brigade Emblems, Israel S National Emblems, Israel S Royal Emblems, The Stone Symbol, The Emblems Of Zarah Judah, The Emblems Of The Priesthood And Civil Service, Israel Emblems In Other Countries

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