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Sosyoloji Başlangıç Okumaları Sosyoloji, Insan N Ya Am Yla Ilgilenen Geni Kapsaml Bir Aland R Nsanlar Ba Kalar Yla Toplumsal Ba Lar Olmadan, Ocuk Olarak Geli Emez Ya Da Yeti Kin Olarak Varl Klar N S Rd Remezler Bu Nedenle T M Insanlar Bir Topluma Aittir Ve Toplum Insan N Var Olabilmesinin En Belirgin Ko Uludur Anthony Giddens A Da Sosyolojinin En Nemli Isimlerinden Anthony Giddens Taraf Ndan Haz Rlanan Bu Kitap, Sosyolojiye Giri Niteli I De Ta Yan Kapsaml Ve Ilgi Ekici Metinlerden Olu Uyor Toplumsal Alanda Kar La T M Z Pek Ok Olguyu, Global Trendlerin Toplumsal Ya Am M Za Etkilerini Sosyolojinin Kendine Zg Bak A S Yla Irdeliyor Yirmi Bir Temel Ba L Ktan Olu An Sosyoloji Ba Lang Okumalar , A Da Sosyolojik D Nce Zerine Bilgi Edinmek Isteyen Herkes I In Temel Bir Kaynak Niteli Inde

About the Author: Anthony Giddens

Anthony Giddens, Baron Giddens born 18 January 1938 is a British sociologist who is renowned for his theory of structuration and his holistic view of modern societies He is considered to be one of the most prominent modern contributors in the field of sociology, the author of at least 34 books, published in at least 29 languages, issuing on averagethan one book every year In 2007, Giddens was listed as the fifth most referenced author of books in the humanities.Three notable stages can be identified in his academic life The first one involved outlining a new vision of what sociology is, presenting a theoretical and methodological understanding of that field, based on a critical reinterpretation of the classics His major publications of that era include Capitalism and Modern Social Theory 1971 and New Rules of Sociological Method 1976 In the second stage Giddens developed the theory of structuration, an analysis of agency and structure, in which primacy is granted to neither His works of that period, such as Central Problems in Social Theory 1979 and The Constitution of Society 1984 , brought him international fame on the sociological arena.The most recent stage concerns modernity, globalization and politics, especially the impact of modernity on social and personal life This stage is reflected by his critique of postmodernity, and discussions of a new utopian realist 3 third way in politics, visible in the Consequence of Modernity 1990 , Modernity and Self Identity 1991 , The Transformation of Intimacy 1992 , Beyond Left and Right 1994 and The Third Way The Renewal of Social Democracy 1998 Giddens ambition is both to recast social theory and to re examine our understanding of the development and trajectory of modernity.Currently Giddens serves as Emeritus Professor at the London School of Economics.

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    This reader covers a broad range of topics to give a nice overview of sociology The technology readings are really outdated though.

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