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Jack of Fables, Vol. 4: Americana Jack hits the road in seach of a lost city of gold Aided by his sidekicks Paul Bunyan, Humpty Dumpty, Gary the pathetic fallacy and the mysterious Hillary Page, Jack s in for the adventure of a lifetime Collecting Jack of Fables

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    Jack and his crew head to Americana in search of gold Americana is a wonderful addition to the fables mythos that hadn t been explored to date It s based on American myths, not only those like Paul Bunyon and Tom Sawyer butgeneral ones like Gangsterland and Antebellum a

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    These Jack of Fables collections are really getting tired.I greatly enjoy the other Fables books, so I always expect to enjoy these books filled with similar characters and adventures However, many of the male characters in this series are crass and sexist The stories ar

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    In the fourth installment we get to see Jack in the fabled America, a mix of different historical eras all over the land There s a nice play with the Three Page Sisters, someinfo about Literals STORY PLOTTING B CHARACTERS DIALOGUE B plus LITERAL FABLE FOCUS B to B plus WH

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    I was so disappointed in this volume after loving the third volume The story didn t grip me and Jack for the first time genuinely annoyed me I just don t think I liked the theme of this one Hopefully by the time I get to the fifth volume things will get better but for now

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    Huh I hate to say this, but the series is growing on me This chapter focused on the relationships between the characters, but also on the world of Americana where the Fables of American literature, tall tales and history have apparently lived in relative peace no signs of t

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    This series has never been great, but this volume was just a shocking mess I stopped caring about half way through, but I did make it to the end I guess that means that the Fables crossover that s coming up is going to be a mess too as it seems like it s mostly stemming from

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    Reviewed A Great Book Is The Cheapest Vacation I can t say enough good things about Bill Willingham s Fables Jack of Fables series He brings a raw twist to the classic fairy tales that will glue your eyes to every page The Fables series is my favorite graphic novel series for

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    Oh man What is it that makes Jack so likable and entertaining despite that fact that he s a total jerk To put it simply, Jack is the human embodiment of a cat Cats are great because they re kind of wonderful and awful at the same time That s who Jack is Jack is never actively

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    This series tends to mecomical than the main Fables series, and while comedy is fine I prefer the original seriesIt has some comedy as well but not as much Plus, I don t really like the main character, Jack In any case, it s still entertaining In this one we see Jack and his tr

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    Much better than the previous volume, but not quite as good as the first,like a 3.5 5.Jack of Fables redeems itself a bit here with a much better main storyline than last time and a host of characters that didn t need to be carried by the still strong Gary The issue added onto t

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