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Star by Star The New York Times bestselling Star Wars series The New Jedi Order enthralls readers with its epic drama and thrilling adventure Now readers will pierce the very heart of darkness It is a solemn time for the New Republic, as the merciless Yuuzhan Vong continue their campaign of destruction The brutal enemy has unleashed a savage creature capable of finding and killing Jedi Knights And now Leia Organa Solo faces a terrible ultimatum If the location of the secret Jedi base is not revealed within one week, the Yuuzhan Vong will blast millions of refugee ships into oblivionAs the battered but still unbroken Jedi scramble to deal with the newest onslaught, Leia s son Anakin lays out a daring plan He will lead a Jedi strike force into the heart of enemy territory in order to sabotage the Yuuzhan Vong s deadliest weapons There, with his brother and sister at his side, he will come face to face with his destiny as the New Republic, still fighting the good fight, will come face to face with theirs

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    Action, Characters, and Higher Stakes This has it allThe Yuuzhan Vong have developed a newer,fierce weapon against the Jedi the voxyn, made from vornskyrs and able to sniff out and kill Jedi Luke Skywalker approves Anakin, Jaina, Jacen, and their friends to hunt out the Queen, from which all others are cloned, and kill her Meanwhile, Coruscant is close to being overrun.NOTE Based on audiobook and

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    The following review contains spoilers, so if you haven t read this book yet, and you want to, I highly recommend skipping this review You ve been forewarned I just recently learned about the so called Star Wars canon, and I m not sure how I feel about it.A part of me thinks whatever I appreciate director J.J Abrams s desire to take the Star Wars franchise in a completely new direction, and I m co

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    This book was very much hit and miss for me. It is almost as if Denning could not decide whether he wanted it to be about Space combat or a commando Jedi mission Therefore, the book begins to exhibit s split personality In addition, the conclusion of the book is very dark, leaving the reader feeling discouraged, much like the viewers at the conclusion of The Empire Strike Back The book just went on

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    The new Jedi order completely outpaces anything in the Starwars genre This series was Dark, exciting, fast paced, and inspired The writing was fantastic and the level of philosophy and force history was unparalleled If your a fan at any level of the Starwars Universe than this series is a must read It is on my top 5 of all time for a series and I treasured every moment I spent in that time But bewar

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    I think this is the single darkest Star Wars book that I ever read It s strange to say, but it captured the mood of the world at the time it was released With a late October 2001 release, this was the first post 9 11 SW book and it s interesting in how it reflected the mood since its manuscript was turned in months before 9 11 ever happened.One thing that happens in the course of an invasion of Corus

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here This was ok There was plenty of action with what I like to overly generalize as people going plces and doing things I prefer that in MOST books than the endless seeming inner turmoils and machinations That said this left me a bit cold I cant really tell if it was the book itself or just the way the series seems to be repea

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    5 starsNice to see Lando, Han, Leia, Luke, Mara Jade, Jaina, Jacen, and Anakin Also nice that Lando got married Can t wait to readStar Wars books

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    The New Jedi Order series grinds on with this 600 page slog There are two primary plotlines that run in parallel In the first, Anakin volunteers to lead a Jedi strike team on a covert commando mission to a Yuuzhan Vong worldship to destroy the source of the voxyn, a threat specifically aimed at the Jedi In the other storyline, Leia, Luke, Han and Mara must ready themselves, as the invaders appear to be

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    I was kind of amazed to see this book hold a 3.92 average rating.I was very disappointed in this book Clocking in at just over 600 pages, I thought Denning should have either split this book into two volumes, or just had an editor cut about 200 pages I knew where this book was heading the entire time, I just wished the plot got there faster There are WAY too many minor characters to keep track of, so I e

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Action packed, tense and fun And now that I ve listed the good parts Anakin Oh, Anakin He was easily my favorite of the three Solo kids and I sobbed like a baby when he died Then I cried harder watching his family react to his death They should have killed Jacen instead, and saved themselves loads of trouble later on foreshado

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