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The Marine's Secret Daughter She has his eyes Her mother has his heart Years have passed since marine sergeant Riley Cooper last held his best friend s sister in his arms Bound for Afghanistan, he believed walking away from Meg McBride was the kindest thing he could do Now that he s home, he doesn t blame Meggie for hating him But she hasn t told him everything And he hasn t met the little red haired girl whose gray eyes so resemble his own

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    A wonderful story I really loved the rekindled romance that unfolded between Riley and Meg, They are perfectly matched, and I fell in love with both characters from the very beginning Meg s struggle as a single mother, and Riley s difficult past with his parents, in addition to his experience as a marine, made both characters motives believable Carrie Ni

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    I have been looking forward to this book since I read the first chapter in the SYTYCW competition years ago.It didn t disappoint This is a reunion romance which is my jam.Nearly six years ago, marine Riley Cooper spent his last night before shipping out with Meg McBride, the kid sister of his best friend.Any idea of coming home to her was pushed away once he

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    4.5 StarsThe story of Meggie and Riley is both heart warming and heart breaking From the beginning, I could understand both the hero and heroine s reasons for what they did, which resulted in Riley not knowing he was a dad until his daughter was five Considering the book title, I don t think I m giving away much here I love second chance romances because there is

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    This book was thoroughly enjoyable The pace was great, the dialogue was fun and there was fabulous chemistry between the two main characters Riley and Meg The characters themselves were believable and very likable Riley was dealing with a difficult past and recent trauma from his tour in Afghanistan and Meg was dealing with the very real struggles of a single mother, a

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    Small towns, secret baby, forever loves, and reunions are my my favorite kinds of reads, and Carrie Nichols delivers them all in one book Riley and Megan deserve a happily ever after, and despite some road blocks along the way to falling in love, they eventually get there with a little help from the title character and her much loved stuffed animal Carrie s well written sna

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    I felt in love with the main characters right away The author gave both a voice and I really like when both have a voice Riley is a great guy and Meg has strength and humor This couple was easy to love from the beginning The writing is delightful The plot will keep you from putting the book down until the last page Lovely read

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    The Marine s Secret Daughter carefully follows the secret child trope Each of the main characters, Riley the Marine is honor bound to return to Afghanistan and his fellow Marines rekindles his love with his best friend s sister, Meg I enjoyed this romance The author wrote both characters with feeling and compassion, and the secret daughter is adorable.

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    I really enjoyed this It was not too angstyperfect for me And I loved the New England setting, the family dynamics.Very sweet.

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    I enjoy romances about second chances, and the Marine s Secret Daughter didn t disappoint Riley is on leave from the Marine s and has come back to the small town where he vacationed as a child He needs to gather his thoughts and heal, both mentally and physically, after his tour in Afghanistan He is reunited with Meg, a childhood friend, whose family owned the adjacent cottage to the one his p

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    This is the first book I read by this author, and it will not be the last one I really loved this one.The story centers around Marine Sgt Riley Cooper and Meg McBride the girl that stole his heart The night before he left to serve his country, they made love He never contacted her again because he did not think he was good enough for such a special girl That left Meg heartbroken and unbeknown to hi

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