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The Gifted School Ebook The Gifted School Author Bruce Holsinger Thomashillier.co.uk Smart And Juicy, A Compulsively Readable Novel About A Previously Happy Group Of Friends And Parents That Is Nearly Destroyed By Their Own Competitiveness When An Exclusive School For Gifted Children Opens In The CommunityThis Deliciously Sharp Novel Captures The Relentless Ambitions And Fears That Animate Parents And Their Children In Modern America, Exploring The Conflicts Between Achievement And Potential, Talent And Privilege Set In The Fictional Town Of Crystal, Colorado,The Gifted Schoolis A Keenly Entertaining Novel That Observes The Drama Within A Community Of Friends And Parents As Good Intentions And High Ambitions Collide In A Pile Up With Long Held Secrets And Lies Seen Through The Lens Of Four Families Who Ve Been A Part Of One Another S Lives Since Their Kids Were Born Over A Decade Ago, The Story Reveals Not Only The Lengths That Some Adults Are Willing To Go To Get Ahead, But The Effect On The Group S Children, Sibling Relationships, Marriages, And Careers, As Simmering Resentments Come To A Boil And Long Buried, Explosive Secrets Surface And Detonate It S A Humorous, Keenly Observed, Timely Take On Ambitious Parents, Willful Kids, And The Pursuit Of Prestige, No Matter The Cost.

About the Author: Bruce Holsinger

Bruce Holsinger is a fiction writer and scholar of medieval literature who teaches at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville His first two novels, A BURNABLE BOOK and THE INVENTION OF FIRE, are set in and around medieval London, where the poets Geoffrey Chaucer and John Gower spent much of their lives His third novel, THE GIFTED SCHOOL, will appear from Riverhead Books in summer 2019.He i

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    i got this ARC.i am on the fence about it.convince me pros cons, impassioned speeches in either camp.

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    Why I love it by Brianna GoodmanGreat books are about a lot of things love, loss, transformation But you know what else they re about Badly behaved parents We ve got law breaking parents, like the aspiring murderers in For Better and Worse We ve got dishonest parents, like the ones caught up in the trial portrayed in Miracle Creek And now we ve got the parents of The Gifted School, a story

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    This book I did all I could to escape being an adult in the world and just disappear into this story I had to find out what was going to happen, and I knew it would not go well which was as I wanted, truth be told And how prescient that the ARC I m reading came out just before the headline grabbing story of parental interference in elite college admissions This novel is about younger late elementar

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    LOVED this book It s like watching a train wreck in slow motion It reminds me of BIG LITTLE LIES parents behaving badly in believable, horrifying, yet shockingly relatable ways So so so good.

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    This book is solidly on my best of 2019 book list The novel starts out at a decent clip, but looking back, that was the steady climb up the first big hill of one heck of a roller coaster GET THIS BOOK NOW, Y ALL It comes out tomorrow big thanks to the publisher for sending me an early copy , so order it, pick it up at your local indie book shop, put it on your library holds listjust get your hands on it Although t

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    Addictive, whip smart, acutely observed and sharply funny, The Gifted School trains its lens on a community where a talented child is a social commodity and asks how far some families might be willing to go in pursuit of status A delicious read.

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    Take 4 competitive mothers Stir in a cutthroat community of affluent individuals Add a new public school geared toward the gifted with stringent cutoff requirements What do you get Combustion Incredibly prescient, this novel follows 4 mothers and fathers as they savagely vie for spots in a new gifted magnet school for middle and upper schools to be opened in the fall Parents end up lying, cheating, bribing and destroying their li

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    Thanks to Riverhead Books for a complimentary copy Review originally posted on my blog new exclusive gifted school is being built in the pristine town of Crystal, Colorado and every parent wants the opportunity for their child To gain admissions into this elite school, children must first test high and if they get through that first round, they must submit a portfolio with their accomplishments Parents in Crystal are anxious to get their

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    Four families who ve been friends for over ten years in an affluent Colorado community The opening of a magnet school for the top percentage of students who test as extraordinarily gifted Now sit back and watch the fireworks as the competitive parents lose their minds to ensure that their kids make the cut I loved every page of THE GIFTED SCHOOL and am still i...

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    Loved loved loved Review coming soon

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