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The Hunter (Boston Belles, #1) HunterI Didn T Mean To Star In A Sex Tape, Okay It Was Just One Of Those Unexplainable Things Like Stonehenge, Police Academy , And Morning Glory CloudsIt Just HappenedNow My Ball Busting Father Is Sentencing Me To Six Months Of Celibacy, Sobriety, And Morbid Boredom Under The Roof Of Boston S Nerdiest Girl Alive, Sailor BrennanThe Virginal Archer Is Supposed To Babysit My Ass While I Learn To Take My Place In Royal Pipelines, My Family S Oil CompanyLittle Does She Know, That S Not The Only Pipe I Ll Be Laying SailorI Didn T Want This Gig, Okay But The Deal Was Too Sweet To Walk Away FromI Needed The Public Endorsement Hunter Needed A NannyBesides, What S Six Months In The Grand Scheme Of Things It S Not Like I M In Danger Of Falling In Love With The Appallingly Gorgeous, Charismatic Gazillionaire Who Happens To Be One Of Boston S Most Eligible BachelorsNo I Will Remain Immune To Hunter Fitzpatrick S CharmEven At The Cost Of Losing Everything I HaveEven At The Cost Of Burning Down His Kingdom

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    PURE EPICNESS IS COMING MAY 11th I read The Hunter in record time, flipping through the pages like a madwoman simultaneously wanting to know what happens, but also not wanting the story to ever end Books like this are why I began reading romance It is riveting, sexy, and hit me right in the feels The characters

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    I HAVE A FEELING THAT HUNTER WILL BE OUR VICIOUS 2.0 AMEN MOVE IT EVERYBODY, I need to understand what the title means

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    HOLY F % ING LORD IN HEAVEN I m so freaking in love with HUNTER and his heroine I m dying I freaking laughed out loud so much at Hunter s antics The story is phenomenal The cameos DEAD This new world Thank god it is book one I don t want to leave it Beta read

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    ENGLISH SPANISH VERSIONOMG OMG OMG I AM TRULY, MADLY, DEEPLY IN LOVE WITH THIS NEW WORLD AND CHARACTERS L.J Shen opens her new series with a BANG, this book hit me like a truck I m a mess trying to handle so many emotions The Hunter is an explosive mix of laugh out loud, intense angst and scorching sensuality that consumed me co

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    Are You Fucking Kidding Me With This Welcome to your next addiction, people Because this new series from LJ Shen is the best sort of crack Not that crack is good Crack is whack But you know what I m saying so just go with it, mkay What I m saying is this book was finger licking good Like want to slap your own ass and have a cigarette

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    So now we know that BB stands for Boston Belles New world, new series of contemporary standalones 4 books The Hunter, The Rake, The Monster, and The Villain Can t wait for May to hurry up and get here

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    L.J Shen is going to make all her fans go certifiably crazy very very soon That s is if we assume we already haven t.

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    Why do I feel like this will be about Dixie and Dean

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    Dude is this a new series LJ Shen is going to kill us all with her books.

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    6 AMAZING STARS GAHHH L.J Shen did it again I absolutely fell in love with Hunter Fitzpatrick in the All Saints High series but could never have expected how he would take my breath away in The Hunter This story left me completely spellbound His connection and banter with Sailor was pure perfection I fell in love with this story and this couple after every page a

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