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Unheard Voices: Stories of Forgotten Lives The Bhopal Gas Tragedy, The Communal Carnage Of 1984 And 1989 In Delhi And Bhagalpur, The Orissa Supercyclone, Among Others, Are Part Of Collective Memory But, Often Forgotten Are Those Who Actually Were Affected By These Happenings, And Others Like Them, Street Children, Sex Workers, Dalits, HIV And Leprosy Patients, The Homeless And The Famine Stricken These Are People Who In Many Ways Are Pushed To The Outermost, Most Hopeless Margins Of Society In The Name Of Development And Progress In This Book, Civil Servant And Social Activist Harsh Mander Draws On His Own And His Colleagues Experiences To Explore The Lives Of Twenty Such People Who Have Survived And Coped Despite All Odds.

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    Unheard Voices eloquently depicts the lives and stories from various segments and sections of the society It is true that India s economic landscape is witnessing unprecedented expansion in terms of increasing PCI, high GDP, high growth rate ans so on But this is not commensurate with the socio cultural realities, especially that of rural areas This book opens

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    Being a 90 s kid, a must read to uncover some of the dark secrets of the post independence era These incidences will shock you to the core Stories will leave you with a lot of questions The one which was persistent at the end of every story is What am I doing to make this society a better place to l...

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    Although we think we know of the scale of rural poverty and aware of the general condition of tribals and other marginalised groups belonging to the other India,This Harsh Mander s collection of stories named Unheard Voices stories of forgotten lives is an eye opener.Himself a distinguished civil servant and a noted social activist,these stories were originally penned by him as pa

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    This book is a collection of wide range of stories based on experiences of real lives of marginalized, forgotten and outcast people of society as encountered by Harsh Mander and some other bureaucrats This is a piece of work which completely stands out with its exclusive approach on a subject that remains neglected in much similar way as the characters of these sketches As the ending paragr

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    As the title suggests, rarely are the lives of the people, mentioned in the book are covered by the media Harsh Mander does a good job here If one wants to know about the real India the so called Bharat , this book is a must read.This book is almost there with the Everybody loves a good drought...

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    Stories of hope and dignity in the most unlikely circumstances and in the most marginalized sections of society riot victims, people affected by man made and natural disasters, the physically challeng...

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