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Maternally Yours by Kathie DeNosky released on Jan ,is available now for purchase Maternally Yours

About the Author: Kathie DeNosky

Kathie writes at night with country tunes playing from a local radio station while the rest of the world sleeps It s the quiet time of the night that inspires her to craft her stories with a unique style of sensuality, interspersed with a little humor.Kathie has been a Romance Writers of America Golden Heart finalist twice Her June 2001 release, His Baby Surprise, received the National Readers Choice Award for Best Short Contemporary Romance of 2001 All of her books have been listed on the Waldenbooks Category Romance Bestsellers list.Kathie lives in the Illinois area her family settled in the early 1800 s when they moved from North Carolina Besides writing, Kathie loves to read romances, travel to historic locales, and delights in trying to rid the world of chocolate one bite at a time She also enjoys meeting readers and writers at the numerous conferences, workshops, and booksignings she attends.

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    The heroine is mid 20 s, a police detective, divorced and pregnant She s been alone most of her life, raised in foster care with no known relatives She was really alone even during her four year marriage because her husband was a worthless, womanizing playboy She got married because she wanted to belong to a family and have children She had two miscarriages and really didn

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    Synopsis Book 2 of the series, Dynasties The Connellys, who are based in Chicago.I love books revolving around pregnancy and babies In this one, we are straightaway introduced to Elena Delgado, who s pregnant via a sperm donor She s already suffered two miscarriages during her marriage, which ended in divorce, and this baby was all she looked forward to She is a detective fro

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    The sreies is getting better I really like Brett Again though I feel the story ends abruptly and does not finish the future That is frustrating and leaves way too much to imagination

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    4.5 PEANUT STARS Maternally Yours is the second book in the series, and my favorite so far The flow, the writing style, the feel of the story, the characters, everything just instantly hooked me from the first scene It was totally swoon worthy Pretty sure I had a big fat cheesy grin on my face the whole time I read this one What a charming, feel good novel this is it Brett Connelly

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    How to download this to ebooks Thanks

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    3.5 stars

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