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Slow Reading In The Face Of Ever Increasing Demands For Speed Reading Of Volumes Of Information Fragments, Some Readers Are Choosing To Slow Down While It Often Seems Necessary To Read Quickly, Many Readers Share A Conviction That Reading Slowly Is Essential To Enjoyment And ComprehensionThe Involuntary Practice Of Slow Reading Has Been A Subject Of Much Research, But Little Is Known About The Voluntary Practice Slow Reading Examines The Research, From The Earliest References In Religion And Philosophy, To The Practice Of Close Reading In The Humanities, And The Recent Swell Of Interest Associated With The Slow Movement It Looks At The Diverse Angles From Which Slow Reading Has Been Approached In Education, Library Sciences And Media Studies Research In Psychology And Neurophysiology Provides A Tentative Explanation For The Ongoing Role Of Slow ReadingSlow Reading Brings Attention To Emerging Ideas In Technology And Culture The Traditional Technologies Of Print And The Book Have Persisted As Part Of Our Information Ecology Because Of The Need For Slow Reading And Deep Comprehension The Theme Of Locality In The Slow Movement Provides Insight Into The Importance Of Physical Location In Our Relationship With Information Most Of All, Slow Reading Represents A Rediscovery Of The Pleasure Of Reading For Its Own Saketp Enpedia Wiki Slowrea

About the Author: John Miedema

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Slow Reading book, this is one of the most wanted John Miedema author readers around the world.

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    A Skimmable Note on Slow ReadingIt is a pity that for a book that celebrates books that deserve, no demand the investment of time and all our mental and emotional faculties, it is itself barely so.Despite its bite sized length and lack of depth, it is still important I would recommend potential readers to Amusin

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    This brief, attractively designed book is a master s thesis It reads like a master s thesis It is very, very important that readers, information science professionals, and policy makers read this cogent, well argued tract on the role of reading and the varying styles that reading follows.John Miedema writes with concisi

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    In a hurried age of technology, where information is quickly accessible, we falsely search for unlimited ways to access an increased amount of knowledge that we forget to read for pleasure The author recommends we practice slow reading Why do you want to speed up your reading Slow down so you will enjoy your reading experience

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    Taking the time to get the most of out what we read pleasure, knowledge, an aesthetic experience you might think you don t need a reminder about that On the other hand, if goodreads is trying to guilt you into some kind of pages per day regime maybe you do I realized when I was in the middle of this that I am currently in the middle of

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    I bought this book hoping it would give me some insight into the fact some of my students make a goal to read faster, but every semester I have students who want to learn to read slower There IS something about slow, reflective reading that is so rewarding The author is a library science student, not a reading teacher, not a practicing librari

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    So often I start to despair when I realize how many books there are and how few I will ever be able to read Slow Reading offers me another response to simply and happily acknowledge that life is indeed short, and that our smaller selection of books represents a unique expression of our character This second choice removes the needless pressure from re

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    Slow Reading by John Miedena is a book of paramount importance for those who read on consistent basis The book addresses overwhelmingly the speed at which the reading can be done Apparently reading can be accomplished in many distinctive forms that is, avid readers, for instance, prefer to run their eyes swiftly over the material so as to get the general unde

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    Miedema put this slim book together from research he did for a graduate course in library and information science Published in 2009, the book is somewhat outdated, though the basic research that he cites has only been supplemented, not supplanted, by work that has come later This is a good introduction to the concept of slow reading, which he defines as a voluntary s

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    Publisher s blurb The traditional technologies of print and the book have persisted as part of our information ecology because of the need for slow reading and deep comprehension The theme of locality in the Slow Movement provides insight into the importance of physical location in our relationship with information Most of all, Slow Reading represents a rediscovery of the pl

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    A lovely book I wrote a review of it for Libreas, but did not include one of my favorite quotes in that forum, so I ll include it here Children can use fiction as a testing ground for their future selves Is there any reason to stop this process when we reach adulthood It is sad and a bit creepy to watch those adults who cease to imagine If is as if their inner landscape is withering

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