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Tempestuous Relations Dominic Mackenzie Isn T Too Proud To Take Advantage Of The Local Gloryhole As Far As He S Concerned, There S Nothing Better Than A Warm, Wet Mouth Without Any Strings Attached It S Only By Accident That He Discovers The Shocking Identity Of The Man On His Knees Once The Secret S Out, Then All Bets Are OffWarning This Title Contains M M Sex And Twincest

About the Author: Amanda Young

A bestselling author of erotic romance, Amanda Young penned her first romance at eighteen That novel was promptly deleted before it could traumatize innocent readers After several years of honing her craft, Amanda went on to receive her first publishing contract in 2006.A vivid imagination and a passion for all the things that go bump in the night has led Amanda to create provocative stories that push boundaries and dare readers to expand their comfort zones Since she tends to write whatever strikes her fancy, her novels fall into many different subgenres Among her available titles you ll find contemporary and paranormal settings, gay and straight themes alike.Amanda Young lives in Virginia with her husband, daughter, and two pampered pooches When she s not writing, she can usually be found chasing after a mischievous toddler or daydreaming about the characters in her next book She loves to hear from her readers, and can be found on Facebook and Twitter Her website, www.amandayoung.org, is where you can find up to date information on all of Amanda s current and upcoming releases.

10 thoughts on “Tempestuous Relations

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    Judging by their anatomy, these bros are not the first in their family who are fond of twincest For your reading pleasure, may I suggest replacing that cover with the Sampaio twins So this book about twin brothers that just want to have a loving, incestuous relationship GUFAW..Sorry, I got carried away a bit there.Anyway, I can t say that it was very good or even just good But I ended up liking it anyway Partly because I buddy read this with m

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    This short involves twincest so definitely NOT for everyone One of the taboo things that I have reluctance to The fact that this is coming from Amanda Young is the only reason that I m willing to try I guess I sort of exploring to the dark side with m m genreHonestly, even with the twincest issue, this story is really good and tender I believe in the love between the two brothers It sort of reminds me of this short movie of another incest, Starcrossed

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    This is another twincest story and so probably no up for everyone out there I actually don t mind read them, as I said, probably due to the simple fact that, being both men, there is no chance of an unwilling pregnancy that could be quite risky And so, for me, a twincest has a reason to be if the two men involved are in love, and I don t believe it s so hard that it happens between identical twins, as one of the two men in this story thinks in his mind, it s

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    Well, this checked the porny twincest box rather nicely Full of cliches, full of annoyances his lover, his seed, cheesy dialogue, chanting each other s names at the moment of orgasm, but guess what Yep, I can overlook all that, cos it s hot.Yum, yum, pigs bum.ETA oh, and I forgot, briny tasting precum gag But yeah, still hot.

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    Well, I popped my twincest cherry with this short PWP, but because it lacked a plot, I don t feel like I got the full effect I think I d need to read the next book where their secret gets out to really experience the whole taboo feeling about their relationship.I thought the way these two started their sexual relationship was very interesting and creatively done I haven t come across that scenario in a book before.The sex was hot, but for me not because they were twins I can

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    Overall book rating 1.5Audio Book N ABook Cover 2 To me, something like this needs at least a littleconnection This was perhaps too short to convey it the way I would like.

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    2.7 Stars.Ridiculously hot mental image Twins just do it for me in every waybut the book wasn t long enough and as such there wasn t enough emotional content and depth of story I think it needed to delve a littleinto the why of their attraction I mean, one of the twins stated it wasn t a weird narcissistic fetish , but if not that then what Sure, objectively each would view the other as hot but that s just not enough Their mom dad are gone, so they only knew how to go on by r 2.7 Stars.Ridi

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    Meh.Parts of this were hot, parts of it just simply a little creepy But what do you expect with Twincest Creepier still, were lines like this Together they pushed and pulled, working as one towards a common goal.Common goal Really This is an m m twincest book not a business report.Expect pwp and practically no dialogue other than moans and you ll get through this one ok.

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    This was a very short twin bros incest story I think it was pretty hot But I just wish it would ve given a bitof a background into who these characters truly are Maybe if the book was a bit longer it could ve gone there.

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    This is a down and dirty short story with a great plot and delicious taboo elements that are great for a quick read at work during your break or at lunch Just don t blame me if you return back to your desk with a grin on your face and quizzical look on your coworker s faces Summary Dominic Mackenzie isn t too proud to take advantage of the local gloryhole As far as he s concerned, there s nothing better than a warm, wet mouth without any strings attached It s only by accident that he d This is a down and dirty sho

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