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Color and Light From New York Times Best Selling Author Of The Dinotopia Series, James Gurney, Comes A Carefully Crafted And Researched Study On Color And Light In Paintings This Art Instruction Book Will Accompany The Acclaimed Imaginative Realism How To Paint What Doesn T ExistJames Gurney, New York Times Best Selling Author And Artist Of The Dinotopia Series, Follows Imaginative Realism With His Second Art Instruction Book, Color And Light A Guide For The Realist Painter A Researched Study On Two Of Art S Most Fundamental Themes, Color And Light Bridges The Gap Between Abstract Theory And Practical Knowledge Beginning With A Survey Of Underappreciated Masters Who Perfected The Use Of Color And Light, The Book Examines How Light Reveals Form, The Properties Of Color And Pigments, And The Wide Variety Of Atmospheric Effects Gurney Cuts Though The Confusing And Contradictory Dogma About Color, Testing It In The Light Of Science And Observation A Glossary, Pigment Index, And Bibliography Complete What Will Ultimately Become An Indispensable Tool For Any ArtistThis Book Is The Second In A Series Based On His Blog, Gurneyjourney His First In The Series, Imaginative Realism, Was Widely Acclaimed In The Fantastical Art World, And Was Ranked The Bestseller On The List For Art Instruction James Gurney S New Book, Color And Light, Cleverly Bridges The Gap Between Artistic Observation And Scientific Explanation Not Only Does He Eloquently Describe All The Effects Of Color And Light An Artist Might Encounter, But He Thrills Us With His Striking Paintings In The Process Armand Cabrera, Artist

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    More pictures at parkablogs.com Color and Light is the latest book from James Gurney and it s fantastic It is a very accessible guide that s filled with interesting and useful information on color and light It s fortunate we have so many colors today at our disposable, and now with this

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    Summary review HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Let me be very clear on this point This book comes very highly recommended by me James Gurney s coverage of the topic of colour and light is comprehensive Plus it is accessible art instruction of a very high order I ve not come across any other book about colour b

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    Good introduction to colour and light Interesting perspectives into the thought processes on how to look at a scene and deconstruct it, explain it and then paint it James Gurney also has a nice youtube channel

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    I m usually not a fan of instructional art books All to often, they devolve into breaking things down into a series of steps, or simply showing a the different stages of one image While this breakdown might be helpful in creating that one painting or drawing, it rarely helps you develop the skills needed to apply to

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    This is another book every art person should own However, it is a little hand wavy as most art books unfortunately are James Gurney at least stays away from weird mythical art mumbo jumbo, as he actually has a formal scientific background archeologist He has a very active, informative blog on which you can see his rather rigor

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    A companion volume to Gurney s excellent Imaginative Realism, Color and Light provides intelligent, practical advice on what the author describes as the painter s two most fundamental tools Gurney discusses elements of color, color mixing, surfaces and effects, light and form, atmospheric perspective, and muchin clear, understandable te

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    This is definitely a good book, specially for people who use watercolor It explains how light and color work on several different scenarios in a very thorough and detailed fashion, always with several examples It also contains a ton of references and indications of other books on the subject The book is heavy on technical content, but it is still

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    For years I didn t read this book thinking it was about dinosaurs etc This guy knows his stuff This is serious information packaged in an imaginative cover, probably one of the most serious art instruction books out there probably not for a beginner either, unless you are serious about learning.

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    James Gurney is the best This book is a practical and unadorned guide to color and light, and from my limited experience the first book I d recommend someone interested in the subject The book is filled with useful information and contains no unnecessary fluff Each section is paired with useful examples that clearly shows the principle he is discussing I ll be retur

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    I amof a sketcher, so perhaps not the most practical art book to me but it is a great insight on how a professional fantasy, science fiction, and palaeological illustrator goes to work.Delving deeper into colour theory and the theoretical side of painting, it is perhaps a duller read than James Gurney s Imaginative Realism How to Paint What Doesn t Exist, which I would advise

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